24 June 2015
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24 June 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Marriage Green Card Attorney


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Donald M Pecchia, Esq, practices Immigration and Naturalization law, and is owner of Askthe ImmigrationLawyer.com.  He guides you through each and every step of your marriage green card immigration process. From the initial consultation which is conducted by Mr. Pecchia personally, to collecting documents and evidence, to telephone conversations and interviews, to gathering information and learning about you and your spouse’s backgrounds, to completing the appropriate forms truthfully yet in a light most favorable to you, to preparing you and your spouse for the marital immigration interview – or attending the same with you, if you wish – you’ll be in trustworthy and knowledgeable hands.  He facilitates the process by taking an efficient and thoughtful approach based upon his experience and does it at a very affordable price. If you and/your spouse are outside of the U.S., Mr. Pecchia takes a similar approach except through consular processing at the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. He communicates regularly with his clients through telephone, email, and Skype to provide them the personal attention and friendly approach that distinguishes him from his colleagues.

How a Marriage Green Card Attorney Can Help Prepare You for Interview

To get your marriage based green card, if your alien spouse is in the U.S. or abroad, you and your spouse will have to appear at an immigration interview before a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration officer or before a Consular Officer.  When a couple tries to prepare their own materials and filing and/or prepare for their interview without the guidance of a marriage green card attorney, this can potentially lead to disastrous result. At this interview, one of the things you and your spouse well be questioned to determine is if your marriage is “bona fide,” or in more layman’s terms – in good faith and not a “sham marriage.” The burden of proof is on the couple to prove that the marriage is genuine and at the time it was entered into was in good faith. Simply put, the immigration officers of the USCIS or Consular Officials want to make sure that the basis of your marriage isn’t simply to gain American permanent residence.  Mr. Pecchia, as a marriage green card lawyer, has experience in preparing couples for these immigration interviews and is prepared to advise you and your spouse on how to best document and provide the factual basis to prove that your marriage is bona fide.

One of the first things Mr. Pecchia does is send by email his Information Request #1 to new clients to provide a comprehensive list, compiled from various sources, which greatly assist a couple in helping them to assemble and document the good faith evidence necessary to build a strong case.  The Immigration Officer and Consular Official might also question other aspects of the applications or petitions if any uncertainty exists.  The Immigration Officer or Consular Officer will also make a determination as to whether the applicant is inadmissible on various grounds which include, but are not limited to, past immigration violations or criminal arrest, or convictions.  Overstays or working without employment authorization may be other areas of investigation at the interview.  Medical conditions may prompt questioning and could lead to a denial if not properly addressed.  Financial aspects of the sponsorship may be questioned because an Affidavit of Support must be submitted by the Sponsoring Spouse or a joint sponsor or alien spouse’s income may have to be taken into consideration to meet the minimum guidelines to qualify if certain requirements are met.  Everything is fair game. Even if an applicant is eligible and well qualified, it sometimes happens that an Immigration Officer or Consular Official will make an error which can at minimum cause delay or even potentially lead to a denial.  It helps to have a competent immigration lawyer working with you who can address various issues or concerns.  Mr. Pecchia will assist you for build a strong case given your particular circumstances.

Marriage Green Card Attorney | Legal Counsel

Ask the Immigration Lawyer Marriage Green Card Attorney, Mr. Pecchia accepts cases in which he believes it is possible to obtain a positive result despite issues, including, but not limited to, cases with certain criminal convictions, immigration violations, illegal overstays, working without authorization, lengthy periods of living separately, lack of persuasive joint financial documentation, and other issues when they can be properly addressed.  Mr. Pecchia takes the time, even before accepting a case, to understand the couple’s backgrounds and circumstances with respect to how it may impact their case. You will be impressed with his conscientious and friendly approach.

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If you’re currently searching for a dedicated Marriage Green Card Attorney, or simply would like to contact him for additional information regarding his services, don’t hesitate to call and speak with Mr. Pecchia personally today at 818.963.8238.  You’ll be glad you did.