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Panorama City Immigration Lawyer Pecchia offers a Free Consultation and Low Prices for Experienced, Quality Representation for Greencards, Family, Business, and Investment Visas and Immigration in Panorama City, CA.


Panorama City Immigration Lawyer Pecchia, offers a Free Consultation, Low Prices, and Quality Legal Representation. Founder and author of, “Ask the Immigration Lawyer,” will help you become legal now. Mr. Pecchia has been a licensed attorney for more than 30 years in multiple states and is now accepting cases in Panorama City, Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley. The focus of his immigration law practice is Family Immigration, Business & Investment Visas and Immigration. He can help you.

Why Use Panorama City Immigration Attorney Donald M. Pecchia, Esq.?

It’s Simple: Immigration Lawyer Pecchia’s Immigration Legal Experience & Knowledge, Accessibility, Personalized Attention, and Low Price

While Panorama City Immigration Lawyer Pecchia brings a laser beam like focus and rigorous legal analysis in preparing your case, Panorama City Immigration Attorney Pecchia also strives to be the friend who is there to explain each step and support you and your family at each stage of the immigration process. Immigration Attorney Pecchia’s personal style is what led him to focus on Family Immigration where he sees the joy his clients experience when they became US Permanent Residents (green card) and US Citizens and are able to pursue a better and more rewarding life for themselves and their families. Immigration Attorney Pecchia brings his knowledge and skill acquired through years of experience to facilitate each case through the complex immigration laws. He assists individuals and their families obtain visas to work and live in the US on a temporary or permanent basis. He has helped many illegal aliens, particularly those with Panorama City Immigration Lawyerdifficult cases, who had been turned down or had their cases mishandled by other Immigration Attorneys, obtain US Permanent Residence and US Citizenship. See Immigration Attorney Panorama City California, Mr. Pecchia’s Biography.

An Immigration Lawyer, formerly in Boston, MA, Panorama City Immigration Attorney Pecchia is accepting clients in the Los Angeles area and OFFERING MUCH LOWER PRICES THAN his Los Angeles Immigration Attorney competitors. There are many qualified immigration lawyers throughout Los Angeles and other parts of the country who do good work, but why pay more? Panorama City Immigration Attorney Pecchia believes in transparency. He offers low, flat rate pricing.

Petition/Adjustment Application for Spouse/Immediate Relative Residing in US

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Petition For Alien Relative Residing Outside US

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Application For Permanent Resident Status (I-130 already approved)

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I-751 Joint Petition to Remove Conditional Aspects of Permanent Residency

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K-1/K-3 Spousal Visa Service/Subsequent I-485 Adjustment

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New Obama Law Applications & Work Permits

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How does Panorama City Immigration Lawyer Pecchia offer the same quality service at a much lower price?


Panorama City Immigration Attorney Pecchia focuses on family immigration – marriage, fiance'(e), family members (spouses, children, parents, siblings) living outside of or in the US who want to become US permanent residents (green card) and US citizens. His focus enables him to work more efficiently and stay knowledgeable in those areas.


Panorama City Immigration Attorney Pecchia offers low pricing on standard cases in which, often times, issues are they same type from one case to the next, thereby enabling him to work more efficiently in a cost effective manner.


Panorama City Immigration Lawyer Pecchia often does the work himself – not delegating your important matters to a paralegal, administrative assistant, or secretary – thereby reducing his staff requirements and maintaining an intimate knowledge of each case and its status.


Panorama City Immigration Attorney Pecchia uses luxurious, executive offices which provide very comfortable meeting space, convenience for clients, and reduces his overhead.



Panorama City Immigration Attorney Pecchia assists couples where one spouse is an alien and wants to become a US Permanent Resident, whether in or outside of the US and wants to enter the US, or both spouses have lived in a foreign country. Depending upon the circumstances and desires of the couple, a spouse may become a Permanent Resident in the US or enter the US as a Permanent Resident. He guides them through the available options based upon their particular circumstances so that they can determine how to best proceed. From the very first meeting when they become a client he instructs them how to begin collecting materials that will be important in building their case.


Immigration Lawyer in Panorama CityA K-1 Visa allows a Non-US Citizen Fiance'(e) to a US Citizen to legally enter the US and Adjust Status to become a Legal Permanent Resident. The process of obtaining a K-1 Visa starts by the U.S. citizen filing a form I-129F: Petition for Alien Fiance'(e) with the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). The USCIS is responsible for processing this petition and if approved will forward via the National Visa Center the petition to the consulate serving the location of the Non-US Citizen Fiance'(e). See Marriage and Fiance'(e) Sections of this site for more information as to additional, related options for becoming a Permanent Resident through marriage.


Immigration Attorney Pecchia has a very informative article in which he briefly discusses some of the more important benefits of US Citizenship. Read Immigration Lawyer Pecchia’s Informative Article on Citizenship



An estimated 5 million illegals may be eligible to GET WORK PERMITS AND PROTECTION AGAINST DEPORTATION. Beverly Hills Immigration Attorney Pecchia will represent eligible individuals who have waited years to begin the immigration process. Much of his practice has been assisting illegals become US Permanent Residents and US Citizens and has included difficult cases which he’s gotten approved. He will assist you so that if the law changes in the future and creates a path to Permanent Residence and Citizenship you will be ready. Have all your papers prepared and filed at a very low rate by an experienced, kind Immigration Lawyer who cares about you and your family.

He has assisted many individuals and families become US Permanent Residents (green card) and US Citizens. He has also assisted many businesses legalize their employees who have become US Permanent Residents (green card) and US Citizens. If you want a knowledgeable evaluation of your case and to know your immigration options, call Immigration Attorney Pecchia. Panorama City Attorney Pecchia who will speak with your personally. Mr. Pecchia’s personal style, knowledge, and experience will put you at ease. He will earn your trust and instill confidence in you at a time when you need it most. He will work with you through each step of the immigration process and do it at a low price. Talk to him. And see for yourself with Mr. Pecchia, an Immigration Attorney Panorama City.


Donald M. Pecchia, Esq.



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