Attorney for Adjustment of Status in Los Angeles

27 March 2015
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27 March 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Attorney for Adjustment of Status in Los Angeles

Is it necessary to hire an attorney for Adjustment of Status in Los Angeles?

It’s not necessary. However, if you don’t want to be denied, or delayed, it’s worth the money and time it saves you.

Evaluates your case and Know Your Options

Laws about immigration are complex. Thus, it’s best to ask the assistance of an immigration lawyer who can help you with your case to facilitate your adjustment of status to permanent resident, get you employment authorization (enabling you to get a social security number as well as other benefits), and proceed in the most expeditious way, while keeping you informed at each step of the process.

During interviews, officers will have plenty of questions. Some questions are simple while others are not. If you don’t know how to handle them, you won’t be given a green card.

With a knowledgeable, immigration attorney by your side, you’ll be able address those issues and questions at your interview, despite the issues associated with your case.

Helps prepare during interview

You’ll never know what to expect until you hire an attorney for adjustment of status in Los Angeles. Your lawyer will you become confident so you can properly answer the questions from the officer interviewing you.

By hiring a immigration lawyer, you’ll know what to answer, instead of just talking on and on and never really provide the real answer. You don’t want to say too much, or too little.

Protect You From Immigration  Officer  Mistakes

Mr. Pecchia’s knowledge, experience, and skills will help you avoid being the victim of an uninformed or less than well-intentioned immigration officer who may be reviewing your case or conducting your interview. Sometimes, even when you have a knowledgeable immigration officer reviewing your case or conducting the adjustment interview, mistakes occur or misleading statement are made by an interviewee that could delay the case, result in a denial, or even allegations of fraud. Having a knowledgeable attorney present who understand your situation and the law can help avoid this unfortunate occurrence.

Review documents and prepare the necessary files

It’s true that there are pieces of evidence that may help in winning your case. But not all of them are useful. Others do bring piles of documents that don’t have bearing on their case. By hiring an experienced immigration lawyer, you’ll know what documents and files to bring to prove your eligibility. Your attorney will organize everything so you won’t fumble through the documents just to figure out what file the officer is looking for. Your lawyer can present you the right documents and help you understand about each file’s purpose. In that way, you can easily provide the documents required by the officer and the officer will make it easier to approve your case.

Low, Flat Fees

Mr. Pecchia is one of the few attorneys who published his low, fixed prices. Visit his website to see the list.

The adjustment of status to become a permanent resident is actually the final step in being able to pursue the American dream. It’s the most important part of the entire process. Thus, you need to make sure that you are prepared.  You may be considering saving money and not hiring an attorney for this situation. But having a lawyer for this case will increase your chances for success. A lawyer who specializes in this area will also prevent delays and suspicions.

Do you need an attorney for adjustment of status in Los Angeles? Hire an experienced, dedicated, personable immigration lawyer, Donald M. Pecchia. Call for a free consultation (818) 963-8238. He will speak to you personally in LA: