Advantages of Hiring An Experienced Lawyer for Marriage Greencards

25 March 2015
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25 March 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Advantages of Hiring An Experienced Lawyer for Marriage Greencards

You’ll need an experienced lawyer for marriage Green Cards if your immigrant spouse has been living in the country illegally.

What makes a top lawyer immigration? U.S immigration lawyer, Mr. Pecchia, founder and author of the column, “Ask The Immigration Lawyer,” is a skilled and experienced Los Angeles San Fernando Valley based immigration attorney, who can help you or your spouse to get a green card even if you or he/she has criminal history, has worked illegally, overstayed their visa, or otherwise may not at first glance seem to be eligible or quality for marriage based permanent residence or “the greencard,” as it is more commonly known.

As this matter requires expert attention, you’ll need a skilled lawyer like Mr. Pecchia who can present you with an application that will be approved, without delay, by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS), so you or your spouse can become permanent residents, work legally, and travel to and from the U.S. freely.

Obtaining a green card is not as simple and easy as you think it is. There are certain events that can make the entire process grueling and painful.

But through preparation and hiring an experienced lawyer for marriage green cards, the stress and anxiety associated with it will be alleviated.

Be on time

When you or your spouse is called for an immigration marriage interview, make sure that you arrive at the place on time and with your immigration attorney.

Respond appropriately

It only takes on the average about 30minutes for each immigration interview to complete. So, keep your answers, truthful, direct and straight to the point, while simultaneously answering in a manner most favorable to your case. USCIS officers will appreciate it if you come on time and properly organized. The immigration officer will be suspicious of you if you don’t respond appropriately.

Reflect on your relationship

During the marriage green card interview, the officer will ask several questions about your relationship. You should be able to present to the officer the history of how you and your spouse first met and discuss about the journey of your engagement down to your marriage. Mr. Pecchia will go over the interview with you, discussing various, common questions that may be asked.

Just relax when talking about it. Always remember that the officer isn’t a police.

Be well-organized

This is especially true about your documents. A set of original documents must be carried during the interview. Anticipate documents or other information requests that may be made by the immigration officer. Mr. Pecchia can be very helpful in that regard.

Hire the assistance of an expert

Although you can always go for a marriage green card interview without a lawyer, it’s always worth it to spend a few dollars to hire an experienced lawyer for marriage green cards to help you steer through the entire process. Always bear in mind that the officers of USCIS take their inspections and jobs very seriously. So, you must too.

With the guidance of an experienced lawyer who specializes in this area, the entire process can be easily handled. It may require you to spend a few dollars but an immigration lawyer can make a difference. Find out more at